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Plumbing Services

We offer comprehensive plumbing services to meet your needs, from fixture swaps to full custom-build installations. 

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating

Services include:​

  • Kitchen plumbing – Leaky/faulty faucet repairs, fixture swaps, new garburator installation, full kitchen renovations and relocations.

  • Bathroom plumbing - Repair or replacement of leaky/faulty faucets and clogged or leaking toilets, tubs and showers, full bathroom renovations and relocations.

  • Light commercial plumbing - Comprehensive plumbing services for multi-unit and commercial properties, including (but not limited to) apartments, condominiums, office buildings, restaurants, and retail spaces.  

  • Water pipe installations and leak repairs - New pipe installation and leaking pipe repair, which make up the bulk of the plumbing problems, especially in older houses with materials such as copper and Poly B pipes.  

  • Drainage repairs and installations - Leaky and clogged pipes, drain cleaning and maintenance, full drainage system re-pipe or installations.

  • Hot water tank installations – Hot water tank check-ups and replacements, as well as upgrades for energy efficient tanks or conversions to on-demand hot water units.

  • Poly B re-piping – Full re-pipe for poly B or copper pipe.

  • Hose bibb (outside tap) repairs - Repair or replacement of leaky/cracked or frozen hose bibs, and hose bib relocations.

  • Plumbing for new builds and renovation projects - Complete plumbing systems and specifications from architectural plans, rough-in water pipe and drainage plans, installation support and consultation throughout all construction phases.

  • Regular plumbing maintenance schedules - Monthly or annual check-ups and repairs for residential and commercial properties, tailored to your needs.


Home Owners & Tenants

Home plumbing or heating issue? We provide solutions for single and multi family homes, townhomes, duplexes, apartments and high-rise condos.

We work with:

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating | Services for Contractors


New build or a restoration project? We collaborate with renovation and restoration contractors to ensure quality plumbing and heating in construction projects.

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating | Services for Property Managers

Property Managers

Need a reliable plumbing contractor for your site? We work with rental property owners, building and strata managers for ongoing maintenance.

Ready to get started? We offer a complementary consultation before the start of every project.

Learn how you can access complementary annual plumbing and heating check-ups from us.

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