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D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating

We are a Vancouver and Fraser Valley plumbing and heating company setting the standard in the residential and light commercial construction industry, including new builds and renovations.  We deliver the highest quality and reliable work throughout every stage, combined with the best customer service.


Home Owners & Tenants

Home plumbing or heating issue? We provide solutions for single and multi family homes, townhomes, duplexes, apartments and high-rise condos.

Who do we work with?

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating | Services for Contractors


New build or a restoration project? We collaborate with renovation and restoration contractors to ensure quality plumbing and heating in construction projects.

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating | Services for Property Managers

Property Managers

Need a reliable plumbing contractor for your site? We work with rental property owners, building and strata managers for ongoing maintenance.

Proudly serving the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver Areas, offering a range of services to best suit your needs. 

Meet the President:
Darren Rogers

darren-r_d-luxe plumbing and heating.png

I began my career working for our family Plumbing and Construction company in 2008. My passion for plumbing quickly grew as I enjoyed problem solving, precision work, and the pride one feels after completing a job.

Born and raised in England, I have had the opportunity to work successfully on houses of all ages (some as early as the 1400’s) which presented challenges that I have always been able to handle with resourcefulness and confidence.   Since moving to Canada, I have also had the pleasure of collaborating on some of the most luxurious, high end, newly-built homes in the hilltops of West Vancouver.

Regardless of how big or small the job is, I believe there are four main factors which determine the success of a plumbing business:

  • First is quality of service. I pride myself on completing the work to the highest possible standard.

  • Second, is the customer’s experience. I enjoy determining and helping create the dream that the customer envisions. 

  • Third, is continuing education.  In order to keep up to date on the most current codes and materials, as well as the newest innovations and methods in the plumbing and heating industry, I continue to dedicate the time required so I can assure families and businesses they will receive the newest and most efficient plumbing practices.

  • Lastly, engaging personnel that share my values.

Looking for a new career in an equal opportunity, forward thinking plumbing and heating company?

Ready to get started? We offer a complementary consultation before the start of every project.

Learn how you can access complementary annual plumbing and heating check-ups from us.

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