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On-going Services

We offer routine maintenance keep your plumbing and heating in good working order, and can offer sound advice when it's time to replace or upgrade.


Services include:​

  • Routine boiler, hydronic heating, and plumbing system servicing for residential, multi-unit, and commercial properties (TSBC License # LGA0210743) - Monthly or annual scheduled servicing of your plumbing and heating systems ensures your comfort and safety, as well as increases their lifespan within your home, apartment building, or office.

  • Routine hot water tank check-ups - A hot water tank should last between 8-12 years, but this can often be cut short. Finding out your hot water heater is not working can be a rude (and cold!) awakening. Scheduled check-ups can address potential issues before any damage is done.

  • Emergency servicing and repairs - Whether it's a dripping tap, a broken shower, or a flooded basement, sometimes you need a solution right away.  We will do our best to get there as quickly as we can to resolve the situation.

  • Ongoing consulting - Advice and general counsel for any plumbing and heating needs.


Home Owners & Tenants

Home plumbing or heating issue? We provide solutions for single and multi family homes, townhomes, duplexes, apartments and high-rise condos.

We work with:

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating | Services for Contractors


New build or a restoration project? We collaborate with renovation and restoration contractors to ensure quality plumbing and heating in construction projects.

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating | Services for Property Managers

Property Managers

Need a reliable plumbing contractor for your site? We work with rental property owners, building and strata managers for ongoing maintenance.

Ready to get started? We offer a complementary consultation before the start of every project.

Learn how you can access complementary annual plumbing and heating check-ups from us.

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