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We are proud to provide customers automatic Club Membership after your first job has been completed by us.

D-LUXE Plumbing & Heating

Why be a Club Member?

Plumbing and heating issues can be unpredictable. Typically, we’re used to contacting a plumber once we’ve noticed a problem, such as a burst pipe or a broken thermostat.  However, this kind of approach only addresses issues after they’ve happened, with inconvenience to you and possible damages to your space.

When you have Club Membership with D-LUXE, contacting a plumber after the problem occurs becomes a thing of the past.  Members can take a proactive approach through regular complementary checkups, where a scheduled visit from a D-LUXE professional can address improvement areas, and spot issues before they start.  

How does it work?


Hire us for any combination of our plumbing or heating services for residential, light commercial, or multi-unit properties.


Once your job is complete, you automatically become a D-LUXE Club Member and get access to all of the benefits - no minimum contract or additional work required.


You will have access to all Club benefits listed below, which includes complementary annual visual check-ups and priority booking for future appointments.

Annual club benefits include: 

  • Visual check on hydronic heating boilers

  • Visual check on hot water tanks/demand hot water units

  • Plumbing system check, which includes:

    • Checking shut off valves operate correctly

    • Checking for leaks and wear and tear on all visible pipework/hoses

    • Checking toilets fill and flush correctly

    • Checking all sinks and basins drain efficiently

    • Checking all faucets and hose bibbs for leaks and drips

  • Heating system check, which includes:

    • Checking all thermostats work and operate correctly

    • Checking all motorized zone valves and actuators operate correctly

    • Checking all baseboards/radiant floor loops are operating correctly

    • Visual check of all visible hydronic heating pipe work.

  • Priority booking for future appointments


"The customer experience is ultimately everything to us... it's not about collecting points and working towards your benefits. Rather, we want to create experiences and unique programs that will engage and benefit customers right from the start."

Darren Rogers, President

Ready to get started? We offer a complementary consultation before the start of every project.

Learn about our range of plumbing and heating services, and the wide range of industries we serve.

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